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 When conflict or the lack of solutions brings you to a fork in the road, Restorative Communications suggests you step onto the road less traveled and discover new ways to view your challenges. 

About Lisa


Lisa is a conflict resolution specialist and sought-after guest speaker whose work promotes dispute resolution, problem solving, team building, and decision making. In 2007 she earned a Master of Arts in Dispute Resolution from SMU.  Today, as Director of Restorative Communications, Lisa performs mediations, workshops, and Peacekeeping Circles for a variety of clients. (see below for list)  She serves as an adjunct professor at SMU, El Centro College, and facilitates workshops at ACU’s Duncum Center for Dispute Resolution.  As a Certified Mediator under Sect 154.52(a) of the Texas Civil Practices and Remedies she works with organizations, companies, women’s groups, churches, schools, and families. 

Interested in finding ways to manage conflict that allow you to have more meaningful connections with your family or co-workers?  Would you consider trying something new if it improved communication, promoted team building, or inspired innovation?  Could your organization, school, or church benefit from a dynamic speaker with experience addressing both large and small groups?  No fancy equipment or magic formulas are used. Simplification brings order to complex issues.  If you are willing to be flexible and open to integrating new ideas, then the transformation of problems and crippled relationships is possible.

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Quotes on services vary depending on number of participants and type of service required.  I will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

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