“I highly recommend Lisa Hancock for working with groups which have encountered difficult issues and conflicts. We asked Lisa to join our retreat planning 6 months ahead of  the time we were anticipating.  In the meantime we encountered a situation in our ministry/group which involved a sexual misconduct of unsolicited advances of someone toward two colleagues. We realized that this violation of personal boundaries was also a violation of our community’s trust.  Lisa did not hesitate to change the direction of her planning and come right into the confusion and uncertainty with us.  Her gifts and expertise allowed us to navigate a very difficult conversation.  She was so present to the process that we found ourselves adapting and adjusting right on the spot and in mid-stream.  I could not have asked for a better partner in figuring out our best way forward.  Her sensitivity, kindness and skill combined to make the experience a redeeming one for our ministry.”  Reverend Kim Gage Ryan, Director of Bethany Fellows

“Lisa has been a very valuable resource for helping our churches move through conflict in a healthy way. Her non-threatening presence and her high regard for each person in the room allows her to develop trust that lays a foundation for open communication in the midst of conflict. She is perceptive to the unspoken dynamics and will not allow agreed upon plans to be derailed by unhealthy behavior. She is an excellent educator, mediator and systems expert and is a very popular presenter for our clergy of all experience levels. I do not hesitate sending Lisa into even our most difficult conflictive situations and have great respect for the work she does.” Reverend Marti Soper, Director of the Center for Leadership Development

“We have been fortunate enough to have Mrs. Hancock guest lecture in several of our courses in the Dispute Resolution Program at Southern Methodist University.  In my communications course, she was very powerful in facilitating the Circle process.  The students were highly impacted by her unique and empathic style, grace and competent compassion.   The students described Lisa’s work as one of the top experiences that they have had in the program.  If you want to make a true difference in the way that your group communicates and understands each other, I would highly recommend her amazing work.”  Dr. Betty Gilmore, Dean of SMU School of Dispute Resolution

“I recommend Lisa Hancock and her work in restorative communications in the local church. Lisa brought an uncommon regard and honoring of each person involved in the conversations by seeking them out individually and listening to their story. Lisa’s integration and summation of the dynamics involved in the conflicting perspectives brought insight and introspection to the group, and laid the groundwork for the next stage of work to be done in establishing and maintaining healthy lines of communication and respect. Her energy, sensitivity and clear compassion is disarmingly helpful. I believe your group will benefit from her care and experience.”  Rev. Matt Gaston, Lead Pastor, University Park United Methodist Church

“Lisa’s presentation, “Creating and Maintaining a Vibrant and Healthy Congregation” was just what our church needed as we face some daunting changes. We now have shared vocabulary and understanding of how conflict happens and what we can do about it. This workshop has already made a great difference in the energy of our church. We had a difficult situation arise the week after our workshop. From our training, we knew how to handle it in a healthy and constructive ways. Oak Grove UMC highly recommends Lisa’s workshops.”  Liz Moen, Senior Pastor, Oak Grove UMC

“I have found integrating Lisa Hancock’s workshops into our leadership development offerings in Indiana has yield great fruit and fruit that is yet to bear. We believe being proactive in providing these resources to clergy leaders, equips them for when conflict arises, they are better prepared to handle and lead through it in a healthy manner. We have experienced clergy leaving the learning sessions asking the question…”why didn’t I have this information early on in my ministry.” We are encouraged that many have begun utilizing these learning in their various contexts of ministry.
I highly recommend Annual Conferences to invest in these development opportunities!”
Rev. Dr. Aleze M. Fulbright (Director of Leadership Development-Indiana Conference)

“The Circle process that Lisa brought to us enabled our group to address the issue and work toward a solution.  We were able to lay it all out there in a way that was helpful, healing, and hopeful for the future.  It was extremely useful in putting us back on track to becoming fully functional once again!”  R.S.  Senior Pastor at UMC in Dallas

“The Circle was so carefully and thoughtfully crafted.  The entire process from beginning to end was nurtured so tenderly and attentively, as if by an expert gardener cultivating the most valuable of saplings.  Every detail was considered and yet there was still an immense sense of ease and flow.  It was quite extraordinary, even exquisite. The YMCA is very focused on trainings and team building.  It is very much part of our culture.  But the Circle went far beyond any team-building exercise, coaching session, class, or training that I’ve ever attended.  One member of our team who has been at the Y for over 10 years commented that the Circle was the best “meeting” she had ever attended.”   T. Dali  Membership Director YMCA of Coppell 

“Circles bring immediate intimacy and depth to a group no matter what the group dynamic holds before the Circle forms.  Phenomenal paradigm shifts take place in people as they begin to see others for whom they really are and not the facade they often show.  Circle form life-changing and transformational connections between participants as they see where they have common ground and similar life experiences.”  N. Fryman Teen Leadership Instructor/Department Chair at Coppell High School

“Lisa was instrumental in helping my friend and me work through a conflict.  She enabled us to resolve a significant source of misunderstanding and hurt feelings in a short period of time.  She skillfully guided us through a process in which we both felt equally heard, understood, and valued.  Lisa zeroed in on the issues underlying our challenges by asking poignant questions and probing deeply and skillfully, but in a non-intrusive way.  The result of this mediation is our friendship is stronger and we have a greater understanding for each other.  I would highly recommend working with Lisa to any individuals struggling with making progress in any aspect of their personal or professional life.”  D.H.  Dallas

“The worst thing you can do to fix a broken chip within a relationship is to do NOTHING. Lisa Hancock with Restorative Communications helps to equip both parties with non combative “Do Something” skills. No one walks away a loser from having worked with her. Lisa intentionally listens objectively as an unbiased third party to what is being said and not said in order to help guide the relationship in a new direction.
Honestly, I was intimidated and a little suspicious with the word “mediation.” But I quickly got pass all of my preconceived notions regarding this process in the workplace…and I’m so glad that I did!  Lisa was the fuel that helped to restore the fire for a burned out working relationship with a colleague. Her presence and facilitation techniques made a significant impact with us communicating clearly. With her guidance we were able to be authentic & transparent; get to the source of our conflict; and establish a clear pathway towards a better relationship.
Restorative Communications services brought great structure for open discussion at a pace that was comfortable for both parties involved…which is key for people with very busy schedules. While mediation services can’t fix or change the past…it certainly can help with moving forward in the future differently.
Because of Lisa Hancock and the work her company provides…we are now able to begin a journey together on the same road at the same time.  Mediation wasn’t always easy…but it definitely was worth it!!!”  sb Dallas