Enneagram Specialist

The Enneagram is a personality based typing system that is over 2000 years old. What distinguishes the Enneagram from other typing tools is the fact that a person’s Enneagram number or type is based on their motivation and not their behavior. Only when we discover our motivation can we change our patterned and often unconscious behavior.

Enneagram knowledge answers life-long questions like: Why do I do the things I do? How can I best manage this individual? Why do I get along with some people and not others? How can I make the most of my gifts and talents?

The Enneagram can be used to identify and train leaders, conflict management, team and relationship building, self discovery, and personal growth.

Lisa has completed a 3 year apprenticeship with best-selling author and Enneagram Master Suzanne Stabile. Lisa has designed and taught beginning and advanced Enneagram workshops to thousands of students in organizations and non-secular settings.

Discover the advantage the Enneagram wisdom can make for your organization.

Click on this link to hear Lisa introduce the Enneagram. https://youtu.be/4-LQqPjf3n4

Teaching Experience

2016-Present “Enneagram Journey” curriculum

“3 Ways of Moving Through the World: Stances” Texas Methodist Foundation/Abilene Christian University

“Bowen Family Systems Theory and The Enneagram” Life in the Trinity Ministry

“Bowen Family Systems Theory and the Enneagram” Leadership First

“The Sacred Wisdom of the Enneagram”

“The Enneagram Advantage: Integrating Paths Toward Self Awareness and Success in Leadership” Brinson Benefits

“Subtypes: Instinctual Drives and Their Impact On Our Behavior”

“Concentrates I: A Deeper Dive Into The Enneagram”

“The Enneagram Advantage: Discover Your Number and the Power of Knowing Yourself for Personal and Professional Growth” Abilene Christian University/Brinson Benefits/A Therapy 


"The Enneagram and Conscious Parenting"

"Bringing Out the Best in Yourself at Work:  How to Use the Enneagram System For Success"