Dialogue Circles


Circle is an ancient alternative dialogue process that brings people together to talk about what matters to them most.  Circle processes establish a different style of communication than is customary in our Western culture.  Rather than aggressive debate involving individualistic assertive behaviors, Circle creates a space to communicate in which everyone is equal, and each person is allowed to talk and be heard.  For this reason, it is a unique opportunity to build community, respect, and trust between participants.

Circles are rich in symbolism, and this multi-layered experience creates a bridge in our everyday lives that allows us to connect, solve problems, or address conflict.  It’s a bit outside the box to think that temporarily slowing down will help us speed up our understanding, but that’s exactly what Circle enables participants to do.  Those who have experienced this process share that relationships are deeper, decisions are made more easily, and a heightened sense of self awareness exists.

Lisa carefully designs each Circle to meet the needs of the participants.  Fashioning a Circle is like creating a beautiful work of art.  With each brush stroke and detail added, artwork begins to take shape. She asks in-depth questions to ensure she is connecting with the aspirations and culture of participants.  Only then can the elements of Circle be chosen to complete the picture.  Each component that goes into this process is carefully considered to make sure it enhances the overall experience.

“Lisa created the perfect atmosphere for our staff to share hopes and dreams for both their personal lives and their professional positions. It helped us see how much we have in common and showed us ways to work together in a way that is more healthy and productive.  With patience and understanding, she guided us through this process to become a better team.”  Frank Rahm, Senior Pastor First United Methodist Church Sasche

Circles are well suited for:

  • Organizations:  Team building, leadership development, and problem solving
  • Schools:  Teaching, conflict resolution, and idea sharing
  • Churches:  Conflict resolution, change management, and decision making
  • Families:  Celebration, stress and anxiety reduction, building self awareness, and conflict resolution

To Learn More About Circles, Watch this Youtube Video